The Sylter Airport will render Technical Services for De / Anti-Icing of Aircraft.
On the Ground for the Winter Season 2017/ 2018 at Sylt Airport only.
Below are the Tariffs for this period in Euros.

Category Aircraft Types De/Anti-icing Per Service* De/Anti-Icing Fluid Fluid Disposal
1 up to 5,7t All General Aviaton 190 EUR 3,35 EUR per Ltr All Aircraft 0,15 Ct per Ltr All Aircraft
2 Aircraft over 5,7t Wingarea up to 40 Sqm, King air 350, Beech 1900,EMB 120, L410.Metro. 260 EUR
3 Wingarea from 41 to 71 Sqm, F 50, DHB100, SF 200,DHB 300,CN 235,,HS 748, ATP,SH 360, SH 330,D 328. 475 EUR
4 Wingarea from 72 to 130 Sqm, CRJ 100,700, F 28,100. ATR 42,72, BAE 146. B 737. B 717. BAC 1-111, MD80,87. A318,319,320,321.DC 8-9,DH-7. 675 EUR
5 Wingarea from 131 to 290 Sqm, IL18, Caravelle, YAK42, B727, B757, TU5, A310, A300, DC8, B707, IL62, B767. 975 EUR

* Incl Operators


1. These Tariffs are valid for the winter Season Nov 15th 2017 until Apr 30th 2018
At Sylt Airport.

2. For De / Anti-Icing services which have been requested and are not used 50% of
The above mentioned De / Anti-Icing per Service charges will be charged, unless the
Costomer requesting the services proves that the actual damages of the Sylter Airport inccured by the
Cancellation of services to be less than 50% of the above mentioned De / Anti-Icing per
Service charges.

3. On all Service charges for De / Anti-Icing the Legal Value Added Tax will be levied

4. The De / Anti-Icing shall be made available within the limits of possibilities of the provider
SFG Sylt and in accordance with the ISO and AEA Recommandations for De/Anti-Icing
Of Aircraft on the Ground.

5. The customer shall not make any claim against SFG Sylt its agents, employees or subcontractors
For damages, especially delay, howsoever caused, including damage to third parties, arising from
An act or omission of Sylter Airport its agents,employees or subcontractors in the performance of services or the supply of goods unless done with intent to cause damage or recklessly and with the
Knowledge that damage would probably result.
6. The customer shall indemnify the Sylter Airport its agents, employees or subcontractors against any
Legal liability for claims or suits for damage, however caused, incl,costs and expenses incidental thereto, arising from an act of omission of the SFG Sylt, its agents, employees or subcontractors
In the performance of services or the supply of goods unless done with the intent to cause damage
Or recklessly and with the knowledge that damage would probably result.

7. Notwithstanding the clauses 5 and 6, the Sylter Airport shall indemnify the customer against any
Physical loss of or damage to the customers Aircraft caused by the negligence of SFG Sylt
Its agents, employees or subcontractors, provided always that the liability of the SFG Sylt
Shall be limited to any such loss of or damage to the carrier“s aircraft not exceeding USD
1.500.000. save as expressly stated.
This clause 7 does not affect or predjudice the generality of the provisions of clause 5 and 6 including the principle that the customer shall not make any claim against SFG Sylt and shall
Indemnify it against any and all consequential damage howsoever arising.

8. The applicable law shall be the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The exclusive place of
Juridiction shall be Flensburg, Federal Republic of Germany.

Flughafen Sylt GmbH

Aircraft De-Icing Plan for GWT only
Valid for winter 2017 / 2018 Page 1 of 2
Date 15.10.2017.


The Ground Operations Manual “ GOM “ and the AEA De / Anti-Icing Manual „ICM“
As part of the GOM, show the basics of the De / Anti-Icing of all Aircraft.
De-/ Anti-Icing Procedures AirBerlin Group.

Pre De-Icing

Is available at Sylt Airport on Request from the Airlines. The Airline“carrier“ will be reasponsable
that the Aircraft are in a condition that allows a De-Icing procedure to be preformed while parked
during a night-stop.

Request of De-/ Anti-Icing

Request for the above mentioned can be made over Company Freq GWT 130,2 or through
the Ramp Agent.

De-/Anti-Icing Positions

Apron 1 only.

Sequence of De-/Anti-Icing

Priority 1 : All Airlines according to Slot“s.

Priority 2 : General Aviation.( first come, first served )

Information to Cockpit ( PIC )

The De-Icing crew will contact the Cockpit and inform the Commander of the ADF Fluid
Concentration and confirm this with the Commander.
After De-Icing the De-Icing code ( Fluid Type, Brandname, Mixture, Time Local* and Date. ) will be given to the cockpit via Headset.
* Bei „Time Local“ this refers to the start time of De-/Anti-Icing.

De-Icing Vehicals available are

De-Icing Truck = 2

Stock of ADF at GWT

8.000 Litres ADF Type II Clariant Safewing MP II Flight
4,000 Litres ADF TYPE 1 Clariant Safewing MP 1 1938 ECO
Laboratory , Refractometer Test

These tests are available at GWT.
Carried out through Clariant GmbH Laboraties in Gendorf Germany.


Training takes place at SXF Carried out bei GlobeGround Berlin Locally.
Practicle Training carried out in GWT
The List of Trained Personal are held at GWT.
Training for 2016/ 2017 has been performed.
Theorie test results are filed and can be seen at GWT.
Responsible Trainer for De-/ Anti-Icing is Mr Ian Taylor GWT.

The De- / Anti-Icing Plan is valid for the Winter peroid 2017 / 2018.